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For retail construction services in Las Vegas, choose WTD Development & Construction. WTD is the leading name in Vegas construction and development, with more than two million square feet of real estate already built.

We can offer an array of retail construction and development services, helping every step of the way, from the initial design and planning phase through to land acquisition and complete construction of your retail space.

Whatever kind of vision you have in mind, WTD Development & Construction can bring it to life. You can count on us to deliver safe, high quality, long-lasting retail spaces of the very highest standards.

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WTD Development & Construction is the best choice for pre-construction services in Las Vegas. Founded in 2005, we’ve worked on some of the Vegas valley’s premier projects, including award-winning office buildings, medical centers, and more.



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WTD Development & Construction is the best choice for retail construction in Las Vegas. We’ve been in the business of Vegas development since 2005, building up a proven track record of success over the years.

Our work so far includes leading retail constructions and award-winning buildings across the Las Vegas valley, including Rainbow Sunset Pavilion Retail, the Centennial Corporate Center Retail, Siena Park Retail, and more.

These projects, among others, demonstrate WTD’s commitment to excellence in the field of commercial real estate. We always strive for greatness in our construction projects, delivering the most attractive, efficient, and solid structures for all your business needs.

At WTD Development & Construction, we also understand that every project is unique, and each client may have a specific vision or certain ideas in mind. That’s why we’re ready to adjust our approach to suit your specific needs and requirements.

The WTD Development & Construction team can sit down with you and understand exactly what kind of vision you’re hoping to bring to life. We can help you fine-tune your design, if desired, or simply make it a reality with rapid, safe, and efficient construction processes.

So, if you’re planning a new retail build in the Las Vegas area, don’t settle for second best. Get in touch with WTD Development & Construction today to discuss the details of your project and find out what we can do for you.

Our Projects

Our Projects


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Retail construction can involve projects of varying sizes, from individual retail stores to vast shopping malls and retail complexes, which may be made up of stores, restaurants, and even office spaces. This kind of construction demands a clear plan and schedule, along with high levels of focus on detail and safety.
WTD Development & Construction can assist with every single step of your retail construction project, from pre-construction services like land acquisition and zoning through to building your retail space.
WTD Development & Construction aims to be your best choice for all commercial real estate projects in the Vegas area. We’re one of the most experienced, trusted, and proven names in Vegas construction, with multiple awards won and a portfolio of successful buildings.