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Restaurant construction requires close attention to detail, exceptional levels of safety, a deep understanding of relevant regulations, and a high level of focus on safety, ensuring that every building is appropriate for use by the general public.

For restaurant construction and development in Las Vegas, there’s no better choice than WTD Development & Construction. WTD is the leading name in all forms of commercial construction across the Las Vegas valley.

Our expert team has worked on some of the Vegas area’s top restaurant and retail construction projects, designing, developing, and building great spaces for restaurant operators to work productively and efficiently. We can help you do the same.

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WTD Development & Construction can be your trusted, proven partner for restaurant construction in the Las Vegas area. Founded back in 2005, WTD is one of the most experienced companies in the area, with a long and successful track record.



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Some of the top projects already created by WTD Development & Construction include the Centennial Corporate Center Retail space, which includes over 17,000 of retail and restaurant space, along with Siena Park Retail, which has over 45,000 square feet of retail stores and restaurants.

In total, WTD has been responsible for designing, developing, and constructing more than two million square feet of commercial real estate across Las Vegas. And every project has been given the same high level of focus, determination, and drive to succeed.

At WTD, no matter what kind of project we’re working on, from small, individual restaurants to grand retail spaces covering tens of thousands of square feet, we always put the client’s needs first, working closely with clients to reach their objectives and breathe life into their visions.

With our unique, proven approach to restaurant construction, you can always count on WTD to deliver exactly what you need. No job is too big or complex for our team, and we always appreciate the thrill of a new challenge.

So, no matter what kind of restaurant construction you have in mind, WTD is ready to handle it, on-time and on-budget. Get in touch with a member of the WTD team today to learn more about what we can offer.

Our Projects

Our Projects


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When building restaurants, it’s vital to not only adhere to the client’s design and layout, but also to consider the working conditions of the restaurant’s staff and the comfort and safety of its patrons. A range of factors have to be considered to produce a building that is safe, convenient, efficient, and comfortable for all.

WTD Development & Construction can help with every part of restaurant development and construction, from the earliest planning stages of design and land acquisition through to complete construction of the restaurant space.

WTD Development & Construction is a leading name in Las Vegas development. We’ve already made several of the city’s top restaurant and retail spaces, so you can count on us to deliver the premium quality construction you’re looking for, with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.