Luxury Custom Home Construction

The finest and most luxurious homes can’t simply be built from copy and paste designs. They have to be crafted with care, with every wall and floor designed and built according to custom specifications.

Design Build

For design build services in Las Vegas, choose WTD Development & Construction. We can assist with every stage of your construction project, from the early design phase right through to build completion.



If you’re preparing any kind of construction or development project in the Las Vegas area, WTD Development & Construction can help. We offer an array of pre-construction services to assist in the phase before construction begins, including land acquisition, zoning, entitlements, and so on.

Commercial Construction


WTD Development & Construction is the leading provider of commercial construction and development in the Las Vegas area, with more than two million square feet of premiere commercial real estate already constructed. Whether you’re planning an industrial building, new offices, or something more niche and specific, like a new restaurant, car wash, or convenience store, WTD is the construction partner for you.

Car Wash & Convenience Stores


For car wash construction and convenience store development in Las Vegas, choose WTD Development & Construction. WTD is the leading name in commercial construction and development in the Las Vegas valley.

Land Development


The process of land development involves altering or enhancing a piece of land in various ways. This can include changing land to make it more suitable for agricultural use, for example, or preparing a piece of land for construction of homes and industrial buildings.